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One week internship opportunity

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One week internship opportunity
by Craig Dyason - Tuesday, 1 August 2017, 7:59 PM

We have an opportunity for one of your students to have a week of work experience with our team from Monday 28th August to Friday 1st September.  They will work alongside our registered electrical technicians and will be responsible for assisting with the appliance repairs, lifting or moving appliances and other general duties.

Our team does jobs on the road repairing appliances in residential homes and businesses but also work on machines at our workshop.  We deal with issues that customers are having with washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwasher, ovens, cook-tops and fridges. This is a great opportunity to build some skills in the electrical industry and learn from our experienced technicians.

If you have an interested student please ask them to send through a letter of introduction, preferably with their CV, to us and we will be in touch with them to discuss the opportunity further. 

Kind regards, Margie
Butterworth Appliances
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