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Big changes to North Shore, Hibiscus Coast, Warkworth & Kowhai Coast buses from 30 September 2018

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Big changes to North Shore, Hibiscus Coast, Warkworth & Kowhai Coast buses from 30 September 2018
by Stephanie Noonan - Friday, 14 September 2018, 11:22 AM

Kia Ora,

From Sunday 30 September 2018, Auckland Transport will implement a new bus network on the North Shore, and in Warkworth and on the Kowhai Coast. We’re also making changes to Hibiscus Coast bus timetables.

The changes are significant, so it’s important that everyone hears about the changes before 30 September. We’re implementing a comprehensive information campaign, but we’d really appreciate your help to spread the word!


What people need to know

North Shore

·       Almost everything about the North Shore bus network will change from Sunday 30 September

·       There will be new bus routes, new route numbers and new timetables. There will be new bus stops, while some existing bus stops will close. Buses will look different

·       The New Network will be simple and easy to understand

·       There will be more buses coming more often

·       There will be better connections between services, making it easier to get to more places by bus

Warkworth and the Kowhai Coast

·       These areas will have a brand new bus network from Sunday 30 September

·       Two new local services will replace the Kowhai Connection. The 996 will connect Algies Bay, Snells Beach and Warkworth. The 997 will connect Point Wells, Omaha, Matakana and Warkworth

·       A third new service will provide a connection between Warkworth and Hibiscus Coast Station in Silverdale – the 995

·       Services will run seven days a week

·       The new bus network will not serve Whangateau, due to the small number of passengers travelling to and from here on the existing Kowhai Connection

Hibiscus Coast

·       There will be significant changes to bus timetables from Sunday 30 September

·       The 981 (Waiwera, Orewa, Hibiscus Coast Station) and the 982 (Gulf Harbour, Manly, The Plaza, Hibiscus Coast Station) will run more frequently at peak times

·       The Northern Express will get a new route number – the NX1 – and will run more frequently at peak times

·       The 991x and 992x City Centre expresses will no longer operate. Removing these services enables us to run more frequent local services, making the bus a better option for more people

·       We’re also making minor changes to the timetables for the 983, 984, 985, 986, 987 and 988 services

In all three areas, existing customers may need to transfer to complete some of their usual journeys. Existing customers are encouraged to re-plan their usual journeys before 30 September.

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